Greenie Films is a collaboration between
Director/Cinematographer Barbara Green,
and Writer/Director Michelle Boyaner.

As Filmmakers, their objective is to tell good stories using compelling words and powerful images.

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Greenie Films is thrilled to be working on Packed in a Trunk, a documentary film about Edith Lake Wilkinson, a gifted and prolific lesbian artist from the early 20th Century who was locked away in an asylum for reasons unknown. All of her artwork was packed into trunks and she was never heard from again.

Her work was discovered 40 years later in a relative’s attic. The film will follow Edith’s Great Niece, Emmy Award Winning writer/director Jane Anderson, as she tries to solve the mystery of Edith’s lost life and the journey to return her work to Provincetown where Edith once lived and thrived as an artist.

For more details about Edith Lake Wilkinson please visit the website:

GREENIE FILMS is pleased to announce that THE BEDWETTER short film
is now available on itunes

GREENIE FILMS is pleased to announce that our feature length documentary

A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

has been released on DVD from First Run Features:

The film is also available on iTunes and Netflix

For more information check out A FINISHED LIFE's website: